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Positive Benefits of Owning a Poodle

Our pets can influence how we feel about ourselves in a positive manner. There are great emotional benefits of owning a dog. Your new Poodle puppy may look and act so cute.

The bond that develops between a new puppy and their owner may develop quickly. However, as time goes by, all the experiences that you share with your dog help to strengthen the emotional bond.

Each family member usually develops a special emotional attachment with their Poodle, around the time when your puppy is about one year old or more. Sometimes, children even turn to their pets for comfort if a family member happens to leave the family or becomes ill. Adults that may have lost a loved one may feel comfort and less lonely if they have a pet. They may feel happy to have a special pet to share their life with. A Poodle can be a very nice companion.

People that live all alone may feel a little isolated. If they decide to select a dog or cat and they are physically able to take care of their pet, it may help make them feel they are needed.

Often times, dogs can help us focus our attention away from our worries. When we feel sad or stressed just spending a little time with our friendly dog or cat may brighten our day.

Our daily lives may include many responsibilities, whether at work or at home. Your Poodle may happen to do some cute and funny things, which may help you to relax and laugh a little.

When we come home from a frustrating work day it can be so nice to be greeted by our family dog, with their big beautiful eyes and their tail wagging because they are so happy to see us. It is wonderful that our pets can accept us just as we are and we can be ourselves when we are around them. Our pets don’t care if we are disabled, old or young, rich or poor. Dogs and cats can provide great companionship.

Dogs can add some consistency and routine to our lives and give us something positive to look forward to every day. Many people may come and go in our lives, but our dogs are usually with us for their lifetime.

Your Poodle can help to keep you active by getting more exercise, like when you are taking your dog for a nice walk and getting fresh air and sunshine. It may be nice to play Frisbee outside with him. The responsibilities of caring for a dog, such as daily feedings, grooming and playtime will help to keep you both active.

Your Poodle may have great affection for all the family members. Each family member may also play an important role for your dog. The man in the house may be the one that usually takes the dog outside for his walks and plays fetch outside with him in the backyard. The woman in the house may be the one that routinely gives the dog his meals and lots of attention. If there are any children in the family they may offer the Poodle a lot of hugs and fun playtime together.

The dog appreciates the family interaction and affection. Your Poodle has probably established great trust in the family. As a proud pet owner you will be able to recognize the maturity in your dog. As time goes by, you will learn the favorite things that your dog likes, such as his strengths, weaknesses, and any fears he may have at times.

The human-animal emotional bond between an owner and their dog is one of trust, affection, and love. Poodles enjoy being part of the family and a loyal dog can be a best friend. If we love them, they usually show us unconditional love in return. You may also enjoy checking out my other blog about Poodles at Poodle Care.

Basic Rules In Training Your Puppy


Having a new puppy is always a joy as they can brighten up any home. However, training your puppy can be difficult, especially for first time owners. When it comes to house training your puppy, the rule is the earlier the better. Just like people, puppies develop differently. It’s crucial that owners not push their pets. Instead, follow their pace of learning. At the same time, owners need to get into the mind of their puppies and understand what they are thinking in order to avoid frustration.

Puppies, or any animal for that matter, have only one thing on their minds when it comes to relieving themselves – they will do it when and where the need sets in. This is exactly why an untrained pet will see nothing wrong with doing it right on your living room floor. At the same time, dogs tend to look for a spot which is away from their feeding and sleeping quarters, and which provides them with some privacy.

Owners need to pick a specific spot in the backyard where they want their pets to do their business and be very consistent about it. The main principle of training your puppy has to do with consistency and getting used to a routine. It is also necessary to know when a puppy is more likely to feel the need to relieve itself. Most of the time, pets feel the need right after they have woken up, after they have eaten, and when they are excited. Owners have to be very quick with letting their pets out during these instances because puppies are unable to control their bladder that well.

Training a pet means that one has to keep an extra eye on the pooch. A pet who has to go will exhibit a few signs which include walking around in a circle with an upright tail and sniffing the ground. After seeing that ritual, the owner has to take the puppy out to the designated spot and then wait for the pup to urinate or defecate.

There are some times when a puppy will not immediately do anything. In this case, it is not advisable to have the dog linger for a long time in the yard or garden, and the owner should take his or her pet inside. This is to keep the puppy from thinking that taking him out means play time. Instead, the owner has to keep his or her eyes peeled for more signs and then take the pup out again in ten minutes or so.

Training a puppy does not come easy and the pooch will have a few accidents in the course of the training. Owners should never punish their pets for these accidents since doing so will only lead to trauma and fear. Practice and constant positive reinforcement is the way to go in house training any pet.

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Knowing More About Standard Poodles


As you explore the web, you come across a video featuring Standard Poodles. In this video, you have seen how these dogs move with dignity, how they obey basic commands and how beautiful they are in their dense coat clipped in varying styles. Oh what a fun it would be if you can have one of these Standard Poodles as a new member of the family! But don’t be too excited and bring home that Standard Poodle at once. There are a lot of things you need to know before you finally become a parent of this beautiful breed and enjoy the love and companionship it offers.

You should know that Standard Poodles, like other Poodle variety, have curly dense coat with naturally harsh texture. The coat is similar to that of human – it never stops growing. This certain characteristic necessitates the need for regular grooming. The coat must be brushed on a daily basis to prevent mats and tangles. The breed does need not only brushing but

clipping as well. Clipping should be done every six to eight weeks. This can be done by a professional groomer or you can learn how to groom your dog at home. You should also know that there are various clip styles for every dog owner to choose from. A Poodle under 12 months may be shown in the Puppy clip and Poodles over that age may be shown in English Saddle or Continental clip. If the Poodle is not intended to appear in conformation shows or if the show career is over, the coat can be put into a lower-maintenance cut.

Despite the fact that it is the main attraction of a Poodle, let not this coat take most of your time and overlook other aspects of this breed. As much as they need regular grooming, Standard Poodles also need proper training, regular exercise and properly balanced foods. Training is essential to make them behave in a way that is pleasant to be around. Daily exercise also contributes to their well-being, not to mention the fact that they love doing the activity. This breed is agile, active and athletic breed thus daily exercise and play session would be a great idea to keep their bodies as well as minds working.

Owners or soon-to-be owners should also bear in mind the high incidence of bloat or GDV in this breed. Addison’s disease, thyroid issues, hip dysplasia and cancer are other health issues of Standard Poodles.

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